What is it?


Tsunamiball is intended to be a tsunami-proof boat.

After the Japanese tsunami in March of 2011 I started to wonder how a family might survive such a brutal and sudden event.

The project started as a series of creative conversations and sketches with friends about possible ways to escape a tsunami with your family intact. The tone was light and playful. Ideas like helium balloon houses, and personal jet packs were exciting lunch time topics. Eventually the idea of a floating ball as an escape vessel was hatched.

From that idea, through a series of sketches and several hundred web searches birthed the concept that a tsunami-proof vessel was a possibility.

With no boat building experience and almost no time spent on the water, this was more of a fantasy than a practical planning exercise.

The more I researched, the more I expected I could build it.

I started to build in January of 2012.

I hope to finish sometime in late 2014.

Big + crazy = good project, don’t you think?

7 responses to “What is it?

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  3. Would it not be more practical to build it like a float, the fishing rod type?

    It seems this would roll like crazy in high seas, also wood is not great on impact? It is smooth looking though.

    • Anders,

      Thanks for the comment. Can you give me more detail on the float? I’m not 100% sure I know where you are coming from. 🙂

      Yes, without the keels and ballast it will roll like nobody’s business. So… when the hull thicknesses are good, and I am happy with the non ballasted weight, I will put ballasted keels(twin) on her to help with the roll.

      The impact… Kevlar will help, but I’ll also be looking into some of the awesome stuff they are doing with carbon fiber and carbon nanotubes. I understand you can suspend some carbon nanotubes into your epoxy, put it over kevlar fabric and end up with a keel as tough as steel. Should be interesting.

      What do you think?


  4. Hi! Keels will help it not roll so much, but how about the pitch?

    How deep will it be sumberged? Like a submarine or will it float like an empty cigar container?

    When i say float, i mean like this: https://bentleyfishing.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/6229-_rigging_method1.jpg

    I am just curious, this might be the best design the world has ever seen, but also, it makes me wonder about sea-sturdiness. Did you do small scale models or something?

    I have lived on a boat, I am a divemaster, I own a marina and so on. Not a boatbuilder.

  5. I’m very interested how to build this escape pod, can u help me out. Or what do I need to do…

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