Back Under the Boat

Today I am back under the boat, working on removing the old wheel carriages.

My first discovery was that the 14 foot donut on the back side of the boat is impaled on the center wheels. That was a lot of force on the poor little 1/2 inch thick skin on the donuts. Good data point though. 5000lbs can definitely puncture 2 layers of 1/4 inch marine plywood. 🙂

Next step is to cut away any of the supports that will get in the way of installing the new wheel carriages. I’ll do the easiest one first to see how it goes.


One response to “Back Under the Boat

  1. Hello! I found your page via a YouTube video on your tsunamiball and came to see if I could acquire a copy of your plans and develop them out of foamcore, but then I saw your last post was April, 2016. It’s now October as of this writing, and I’m wondering if you’re okay? The last entry of yours that I read had the boat falling and whacking you on the head, so I’m a little worried it went and happened again!

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