Crazy Friday

My new crazy Friday project is designing and building a complex curve steam bent wooden chair. 

i know most of my days are already crazy, building the giant walnut boat in my back yard, but… Even so, it’s good to take a break on a 3 year project.

The idea is to build a mold and then see if there is a smart way to steam and join a few bigger pieces to make a few chairs that use up my scrap and provide good support. It might not work, but I’m going to have fun trying.

This are some photos of the skeleton to start the mold work.

2 responses to “Crazy Friday

  1. Im just a 19 year old kid who is about to enter college this year. I have no idea how to even build a bird house let alone what your doing. I was just searching through you tube and how to videos on building a tiny house (without it being on a trailer) and just wanted to say you’ve inspired me to follow though with it. Keep doing what your doing it looks great. =”)

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