So You Want to Build a Tsunamiball?


Every once in a while I get a request from someone for the plans to build a tsunamiball. This is super exciting for me, and I am more than happy to share whatever I can for folks genuinely interested in pursuing their own flavor of crazy survival craft. I happily follow up, answer some basic questions and ask a few of my own and, until recently, those folks just fall away.

Last week, however, I shared a few emails with a couple who might actually give it a try, if only in cardboard model to start. So I am starting a new category called “Build Your Own”. I plan to post any and all of the files I have created while working on tsunamiball. If you find it at all useful, let me know.

A few caveats before we start:

  1. I am not a boat builder by training or trade. All that I know I learned as I attempted, and many times failed, to make progress building something resembling a boat.
  2. The tsunamiball is not, at its core, a boat. The vessel design was imagined to survive a tsunami as an inland survival capsule. That being said, the tsunamiball is intended to live happily on land without constant upkeep, fair well in the water, withstand impact, and keep its occupants safe in case of dire circumstances (ie. tsunami, earthquake, or zombie attack).
  3. Its not finished, so I am still making next steps up as I go.
  4. Be careful if you build. Building something this size is tough. You will be using power tools, toxic chemicals, and stuff happens. Read and understand all of the safety details of all of your tools, and work safely.
  5. Wear eye protection, and wear a respirator when working with epoxy or sanding/cutting plywood, which might be a carcinogen.

OK. I’ll start posting files as I can dig them up.

See you soon.



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