Video: September Update and Steam Bending Basics

In general I try to start and finish one phase of building before I move onto the next. This summer, however, I have let things stray a bit.

Some of the project spread was good. For example, I don’t use epoxy on the inside of the boat on Friday so I can put up the hammocks and have boys night outside in the boat with my sons. So… I started working on steam bending on Fridays to keep the epoxy out of the boat and to a minimum. That was good. I am also working on stairs in preparation for my first layer of internal stripping over the aft frame. When this happens, there will be no way to get in/out of the boat without being a gymnast. Thinking about it now is good, but it does add to the open projects list.

I also stopped stripping the outside of the boat in the middle of the 4th layer. I had some logic around it at the time, but now it is just another thing that is half done.

So today I give a video summary of where I am at, and also dive into steam bending a bit.



3 responses to “Video: September Update and Steam Bending Basics

  1. Hi awesome build!, have you looked into putting spray foam insulation in all the gaps. would help with keeping the boat warm, and in case of big puncture it might even stay afloat.

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