Stripping the Fore Interior


Last week I worked on cutting out the captain’s window and cleaning up any issues I had in the front of the boat. Today I gave myself the green light to start stripping the inside.
This was the first time I will be doing the interior of a curved surface, other than the little bit of stripping I did on the aft hatch. You would think that I would have this down by now, but I still had a few snags. I could tell the strips were under a good deal of tension as I moved right to left and the compound curve started working against me. My plan was to run 4 full lengths side by side and then jump to the next natural breakpoint to start a new run with a simple curve.
On my second set of four I snapped a board. This is a pain in the butt, since you have to decide wether to pull it out altogether, or just work with it. The right thing is to pull it, but with my epoxy close to kicking off I wasn’t sure if I had the time to drop new strips in, so I tried to add a quick backer behind the break so I could have something to screw into to keep the curve continuous. No good. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow when everything has cured.
Its good to remind myself that every day is new and every day I need to keep learning and being present.

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