Cut Day

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Today was a cut day, which means I have run out of strips for the boat, so I take full 4’x8′ sheets of marine plywood and cut them down into the right size strips. Today I am cutting narrow 1 1/2″ strips for the fore and aft stripping and thick 6″ strips for the midship.

All of these sheets of plywood are 1/4″. By themselves they are not that heavy, but for efficiency sake I gang them together with drywall screws into stacks of four. My garage shop is small and the plywood is big. I set up an in-feed and out-feed table with a couple of rollers to help move the plywood. I also add an 8′ long aluminum i-beam as an extension to my fence.

My first rips are just to get everything down to 24″ wide gangs of 4 pieces. From there it is much easier to handle the sheets. In general I cut 6 inch strips first, so when I end up with 5 1/2″ widths at the end, I can reset the fence and start cutting the narrow strips. I end up with a very narrow 1/4″ strips of waste, which I keep just in case.

I hate to waste anything, especially when the plywood is so nice, and also so expensive.

2 responses to “Cut Day

  1. Chris
    Have you considered using closed cell spray foam after the shell is complete. There may be online suppliers but look for a CA company that does it professionally. Its super strong and may add to leakage prevention. Its used as insulation in cold climates. There is also open cell but likely not viable.

    • Phil,
      That’s a great idea. Yes, I have this in the plans. Closed cell floatation foam. It’s a 2 part mix that expands to fill the space. That is one of the reasons that the frame has 5 inch holes in each lateral segment. This should let me drill fewer holes and get better “fill” as the foam can expand to fill more chambers at a time. Also, as it settles, it will settle throughout a vertical member and I can simply “top off” the foam in the very topmost chamber.

      Do you have any recommendations for a brand, or any advice to share?

      Many thanks.

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