Another Day, Another Level of Interior Plywood


(headphones to help with the noise of the pneumatic staple gun)




(blue tarp grabs some of the drips)

Every day I start working on the interior I am certain that I will get a ton more done than I actually do. Today I thought for sure I would get all this done and start overlapping plywood set on the vertical instead of horizontal. Pull out screws, remove battens, put in composite staples to hold, blah blah blah, this is all I got done.

Lots of belt sanding over my head and epoxy drips all over me. Tired.

Tomorrow I will measure for vertical plywood overlaps, scrape off epoxy drips, remove screws and battens, blah blah blah, and hopefully get more done. The trick will be to remove just a few battens at a time, move fast, and get reinforcing battens on top of the second layer.


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