Rough Cut Decking Sublayer

Once again Dad helps simplify and solve a problem. The sides of the boat have straight decks roughly 7 inches wide. Not much of a deck, really, but sufficient for the tsunamiball design. Anyway, the deck keeps it’s 7 inch width, but wraps around the curve at the fore and aft.
I was sketching straight 7 inch planks for the curved areas and trying to figure ways of following the curve at each end of those boards. This is a pain I will reserve for the final decking.
For the sub, Dad recommended cutting the curves from a larger pice of ply. Silly I didn’t think of it.
Anyway, thanks Dad.






One response to “Rough Cut Decking Sublayer

  1. Chris,
    Thanks for the compliment but you would have gotten there without me. It sure was great to help you, though. Sure wish we lived closer,

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