Strip Test

I’m getting ready to put the plywood planking on the frame. Lots to do beforehand.
First step: do a strip test to see how thick and how wide to make each piece. I was planning on using 1/8 inch marine ply. Just for chuckles I clamped up a strip of 1/2 I had lying around. It’s perfect!!!!


One response to “Strip Test

  1. I would find out soon after I started that the 1/2 inch strip worked great, just for a few strips, then the complex angle worked against the flexibility of the strip and… wait for it… wait for it… snap!
    I ended up cutting kerfs in the backs. This was a mistake and part of the learning for me. Luckily this part of the boat will have enough layers to offset the weakness that kerfing put in. 😦

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