Production Mode

Hey all,

OK, so it was a big milestone last week when the first mid-ship section was raised onto the armature. When that was done… I finished the last unknown element to the frame construction. So now I can just keep my head down and get producing.

I am working on understanding my timing now and feel that I am somewhat optimized. Here are some things I have figured out for mid-ship:

  • I can cut the basic shape for 3 sets of lateral supports in 1 day (1 1/2 if I need to cut wood down to 10 3/4 inch wide sections, but this is how I try and store the first rev castoffs)
  • Cut all holes for 3 sets of laterals in 6 hours (this includes some waiting for the hole saw to cool down every 5 or 6 cuts)
  • Starting with everything cut and sorted… I can rout and dry assemble one mid-ship rib section in 5 hours.

All that being said… I think I can have the second 3 ribs for mid-ship done by middle of next week. Anyone up for helping with the lift? I need one strong helper to lift onto the armature. 🙂

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