Video: Cutting Lateral Supports

Today I started cutting down the leftover pieces from the hemisphere to use for the lateral supports.

Each mid-ship section needs 32 lateral supports and I need 6 mid-ship sections. For mid-ship, the laterals are basic rectangles. This is so much easier than cutting wedges for the hemisphere lateral supports. I just need to get my system down to cut everything efficiently.

This is my first narrated video. I hope it helps explain the process. Hopefully after a few more posts like this the process of capturing and editing the video will feel more natural and can happen quickly. I want my time to be about making this interesting form, and not about making a video.

Still, there is something nice about sharing it this way. Let me know how you like it.


2 responses to “Video: Cutting Lateral Supports

  1. Wow. It’s the new Norm. Most impressive, especially the clean work area. Your narration is very clear and informative. You are my hero.

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