Strategy for Glue-up?

I am thinking a lot about how to glue up the mid-ship frame. It’s difficult because it is a big floppy doughnut with lots to glue and very little time to glue it. It has 32 lateral support boards and 6 vertical elements. The vertical elements do no form a single piece on their own. They are designed to be part of a 3 layer lap joint.

So I need to find a good way of gluing up 32 supports into their dadoes, and keeping them standing up straight while they dry. Then I need to flip this ungainly thing over to glue up the other 32 dadoes which need to take on the mating lateral supports before the 30 minute set time on the epoxy.

This is tough.

My working hypothesis is that it will only be possible if I glue up each element independent of the doughnut. Instead of gluing up the lap joints to make the doughnut and then working the 32 lateral supports, I will glue up one section of the doughnut with the corresponding 6-8 lateral supports and it’s mating section. Then when each of the 6 sections is glued and set (epoxied) then I glue it all up with lap joints and start working on the next layer.

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