Jig is Done. Ready for Radial Routing.

The logistics around building the hemisphere was pretty easy. Each wedge was assembled on its own. Glue times and final weights were all very manageable.

The mid-ship is more challenging.

Mid-ship frame strength will come from assembling a contiguous frame element that goes all the way around the boat. So… I’ve decided to make each cross section from 3 layers of 1/2 marine plywood. This lets me stagger and sandwich lap joints. This is important because I will be eating 1/4 inch away from these members each place I rout for a lateral supports. Since the lateral supports will be in the same location left and right… I would be left with very little wood to keep things solid during glue-up.

Anyway… the first cross section is done and I am using now as the routing base for all the sets of vertical members. I lay the elements on top of this base, drill holes for the router jig and I am ready to go.

The router jig spins around a central pin and I can cut all of the radial rabbets in all the members of a single cross section. Now I have to cut 2 full sets to see if they mate properly, but they should.

Wish me luck.


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