First Cuts for Mid-ship

The first cuts on the new cut table went well. There were a couple of spots where I wasn’t cutting directly over the gap, so I’ll go back with the router and open those up a little more. Other than that, it was great.

The pattern layout is also very good because I am using the straight edge from the plywood for almost every straight edge in the pattern. This saves on cut time and helps keep things straight. I’m good on the jigsaw, but not as good as factory edge, right. 🙂

I just need one more cut to have all of the pieces for the new support structure.

The old template was cut from a single piece (left + right) and then add the missing pieces for top and bottom = a total of 4 pieces.

The new template will be 6 pieces. Each piece will be oriented to be stronger along its length and I’ll get more pieces and have less waste from each sheet of ply.

Looking good.


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