Starting Phase 2: Mid-ship

After working for 3 months on the hemisphere (let’s hope the next hemisphere is faster) I’m back to first gear. I need to take a bunch of measurements and plan out how I make the cut templates I need for mid-ship vertical and lateral supports.

Since mid-ship will basically be a tube, I’ll be able to rout dadoes radially instead of horizontally, like I did for the hemisphere section. This will be very strong, and also reduce the need for sanding quite a bit.

My plan is to make the 2 missing pieces from the hemisphere profile (top and bottom pieces) and then assemble one entire cross section of the mid-ship from 1/2″ plywood. From the cross section I’ll make several cut templates. Cutting the laterals from smaller templates will let me squeeze more out of my plywood sheets. It will also enable me to make smaller router jigs, which should speed up material handling as well.

The hemisphere vertical supports are now 2 pieces of 1’2″ plywood. The mid-ship verticals will be 3 pieces. The outside of this plywood sandwich will be the new smaller pieces. The inside will be made from the same long templates from the hemisphere. The result will be staggered lap joints and increased strength, which is perfect for mid-ship, where the frame will not have the benefit of 15 closely glued frames to share stress.

Here I am tracing the missing pieces from the existing profile.


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