Getting Ready to Get it Vertical

The hemisphere is together. The doorway has been established, and it’s time to work on the mid-ship. To do this, I need to put the hemisphere on its head.

I need to be careful here for a few reasons.

  1. The hemisphere is 450 pounds, so if it tips over it could hurt someone
  2. Lifting it up is a tough task, so I need some help
  3. After its up, it needs to stay standing while I add 5 feet of mid-ship onto the end
  4. After mid-ship I need to add another hemisphere, so total weight for the frame will be about 1300 pounds. The structure needs to be sturdy enough to support all of that wood as well as 1 or 2 people climbing all over it and tugging on it during assembly.

So… I think I have it figured out.

I’ll use cutoff from the verticals to make 4 stands. I attach them to the existing structure with lots of bolts. Extend the bases to make a nice broad base, so the whole thing won’t tip over, and… use the extended bases as levers to prop the whole thing up.

The photo shows one attached base, without the last base extension, which is just a long 2×4 bolted to the existing 2×4 foot.

Hoping to attach the other 3 bases tomorrow, lift on Wednesday.


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