Video: Vertical Glue-up

Gluing up a single vertical takes about 40 minutes.

First I mark all of the dadoes from the outside panel that I am gluing. This helps drill pilot holes quickly, which is a good thing when setup times on the epoxy are fast)

Next, unscrew verticals, and get the dadoes lying down so I can get a good amount of epoxy in there.

Steps from here:

  1. Mix a fresh batch of epoxy
  2. Lay down a ton of epoxy in each dado
  3. Fit the ribs into the dadoes
  4. carefully turn over so u can use screws to clamp the glue-up
  5. Use existing screw holes to position each spline
  6. Drill new holes from the vertical frame into each lateral that are clean and can hold a good screw
  7. Screw everything back down using lots of good pressure
  8. Flip the whole assembly back over so the epoxy is sitting in the dadoes, not running out
  9. Use remaining epoxy to fill any gaps in the dadoes.
  10. Done.


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