More Glue-ups

Working on getting everything glued up this week so I can start next week problem solving the middle section of the walnut.

Previously I cut out the tops of the middle 3 sections of the hemisphere to make a hole for the doorway. I will glue up the bottom half and a little of the top area back into the hemisphere and voila! I’ll have a doorway made by excluding a big chunk from the three middle sections. 🙂

Today I prepped and glued the lower middle sections as well as one-side each of a couple of full-size verticals. I also glued the third vertical in the right side of the hemisphere.

Lots and lots of prepping (removing screws and sanding) and gluing (epoxying).

I made a trip to the hardware store to buy more spring clamps. The plan is to spring clamp and glue a bunch in the morning and then reuse the spring clamps for a second set of glue ups in the evening. Work time is 30 minutes on the epoxy. Full cure time is 48 hours. I think I should get enough set in 5 hours to be able to remove the clamps and reuse.

I need to move faster if I want to get this back together this week.


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