I am just a couple of pieces shy of finishing one hemisphere…

After this, the plan is to build up some non radial pieces and then start stripping the outside of the boat. So I will have half of the frame, build out the vertical stripping for half the boat, then remove the frame, and build the second half from the same frame.

Then… with two halves I will join together and start the horizontal stripping.

Wish me luck.


4 responses to “Hemisphere-ish

  1. Hi Chris, it looks so freakin cool! Are you planing to live in it when all the ice in the world melt? A good business model for preppers. Hehe…

  2. It all started… with a conversation about surviving a tsunami. One thing led to another and the next thing you know… I am building this enclosed capsule boat. 🙂

    No business model here. 😛

  3. Chris,
    I actually am tripping out right now. I have been designing a similar egg shaped pod for the exact same purposes. I am trying to develop a simple low cost way using plastic to offer this kind of technology to coastal dwellers around the world. I applaud your beautiful design. Great job man!

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