3 vertical slices complete


Today I had enough pieces cut and routed to dry fit and screw 2 wedges. Awesome.

I can assemble a wedge in about 40 minutes without glue. I’ll dry fit everything for a few days to make sure I know what I am doing.

After dry assembly, I set up to cut all the horizontal supports. New layout is more efficient than last time with a little more wiggle room. This is necessary when I have to trim off large pieces with a scroll saw before I can take it to the nice 17 inch bandsaw to finish cut. The gaps between pieces that are rough cut can be pretty slim. I need enough to wander a little with the hand tool and still have a safe area for the saw kerf.

Today, lots of scorching on the band saw. I will have to read up on removing the pitch and glue from the blade. Hot blades… not so good.

I also weighed in today at 33 lbs per wedge. I think this could be a lot lighter. Again, good to dry assemble. I’ll think through removing extra wood from the supports. I can save a lot of weight without compromising too much strength. Really, the biggest cost is just time.

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