First Day with Complete Templates


Today, all the templates are done, so I am getting a sense for how much I can do in one morning.

The result… I routed out 2 verticals and cut 3 full sheets of plywood into verticals (cutting all 3 sheets at one time). I was stopping every couple of minutes to blow off the dust from the base of the scroll saw. Later I went online and found out that the Dewalt scroll saw has a blower that I was not using. 🙂

I have been working out how I use the plywood the most efficiently. Strong verticals are also a priority. Right now I just have the template that would make the very center of the walnut, leaving the top and bottom to be made and joined later.

My new thinking is that I dry-fit and screw the middles as they are until I get half a circle. Then I can measure out and make a template that would complete the top and bottom of the walnut. If I’m smart, I should be able to cut the full verticals in 2 pieces.

I should be able to swap out half of the middle verticals with the 2 piece verticals and then add tops and bottoms to the middles. The result will be full verticals that are 2 pieces lapped onto 3 pieces. Stronger than adding a top and bottom section after and trusting the outer and inner hull to hold everything together.

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