Finish Full-size Router Template, Rout 2 Verticals, and Dry Assemble


Today I started by finishing the last couple of dadoes for the  full-size router template, and then cut two mating verticals. Everything went fine until I noticed the aluminum collet I was using started to catch on the router bit. I heard the sound and by the time I stopped, there were aluminum shavings over much of the workpiece. Not good.

Turns out… the collet nut had become loose and just a little bit of play in the threading let it wander a bit into the bit. So… being smart I put a pair of locking pliers on the end of the collet so I could tighten it more. (I mentioned the collet was aluminum right?) So… I changed the shape on the collet just enough so now… I can’t use it.

Luckily I have another collet, but it’s just a little narrower, so I have to be careful when cutting until I can get my hands on another aluminum collet that fits in the template exactly the same.

Anyway… dry fitting still wen fine.

I cleaned up the shop in preparation for my first glue-up. I need to buy gloves and make sure I can open the garage door to ventilate. That will be Monday. I hope to see how many pieces I can crank out in a week starting Monday, if the weather stays nice.

One response to “Finish Full-size Router Template, Rout 2 Verticals, and Dry Assemble

  1. The overhand on the lateral supports is on purpose. I intend to sand these to size using a belt sander, unless anyone has a better suggestion?

    I guess… if it becomes a pain… I could always recut those edges on the band saw with the fence tilted to the right angle. Hmmm… we’lll see how bad it it when I the sanding method next week.

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